7 Best Muscle Building Foods For Breakfast

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muscle building breakfast foodsIf you’re weight training, consuming the best muscle building foods during your initial meal of the day only makes sense for a number of reasons. You probably know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why?

For information on other foods to eat for increasing your muscle size and building your physique, see my posting on the top 12 muscle building foods.

After resting for 8 hours or so, your body needs fuel to get it through the day, especially if your day includes working out. In addition, eating more for breakfast means you’ll be less hungry for other meals as the day goes on. Generally, at the beginning of the day, your body needs the most fuel. As the day progresses, it needs less and less. Therefore, planning your meals to eat more at the beginning and less and the end is a wise choice.

One important point though. Don’t skip eating before bedtime. Read my page on why you should eat before bedtime.

Which foods are best at breakfast will depend on you, your tastes, your metabolism, if you’re working out or not, and other factors. Gererally though, there are standard foods that will always be good choices and others that will not.

On work-out days, if you train in the morning, you’ll want to eat appropriately to give your body pre-work fuel, and after work-out growth promotion.

Pre-Workout Breakfast: Eating breakfast before a work-out means eating some protein for muscle growth, but focusing more on complex carbohydrates to give you increased energy for your workout. Foods that contribute to these goals include: oatmeal, eggs and breads, both white and whole wheat, dairy such as milk. yogurt and cottage cheese.

Post-Workout Breakfast Eating breakfast at this time means you’ll need more protein and less complex carbs. Fast digesting proteins would be good now, especially protein powder added to a smoothie. In addition, lean meats such as turkey, bacon, and low-fat sausage.

Here are some suggestions for muscle building foods to add to your breakfast, if you’re not eating them already.

Breakfast foods:
1. Oatmeal: This is an excellent complex carbohydrate which will provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform your daily tasks at their best, including your work-out. In addition, oatmeal contains fiber which will help keep you full longer.

Tip: Don’t go for the instant oatmeals. They contain lots of sugar. Instead, make your own. It’s super-easy, taking only 5 minutes, and will be a lot healthier. For added taste and sweetening, add toppings such as apple sauce, a little brown sugar, craisons, almonds, peanut butter, and 1% or non-fat milk.

2. Whole Wheat English Muffins: Gererally better for you due to their fiber content and less carbohydrates. Especially beneficial if you’re not working-out that day and don’t need the extra carbs.for fuel and energy. Spread them with low-fat cottage cheese, peanut butter, or natural jellies with minimal sugar.

3. Fruits: While many people think fruit is a good choice for breakfast, it is, but no on it’s own. Weight lifters need protein and some fats; nutrients that are missing from fruits. Keep eating your oranges or apples, but add lean proteins and fats to your breakfast as well.

If you’re considering adding Acai berry to your breakfast, Read this posting about this controversial berry first!

4. Eggs:  The most commonly eaten breakfast food by weight lifters, they are indeed a good choice. Eggs are a great source of much needed protein.  However, the yolks also contain fat and cholesterol. This is why many trainers recommend eating only egg whites.  In truth, you can add 1-2 yolks to your meal if your cholesterol levels are not a problem.

5. Turkey or Low-Fat Sausage:  Regular sausage is loaded with too much fat per serving.  However, there are many great tasting low-fat sausages on the market, which will contribute to your protein intake, as well as give you enough fat for the meal.

6. Yogurt or Cottage Cheese: Another source of proteins, any diary products are good choices.  Just be sure to watch the other ingredients such as sugar, which could overload an otherwise healthy food.

7. Protein Poweder:  This is always a good choice for extra protein.  Add it to various breakfast foods for that extra boast of this muscle building nutrient.

Here’s a sample breakfast recipe, including information on why it’s a better choice:

Breakfast Recipe:

Scramble one egg, microwave or warm in frypan 1 slice of Canadian bacon.  Place both on a whole wheat English Muffin and enjoy with 1 glass of grapefruit juice.

The benefits:

1. Egg contain protein and some fats

2. Canadian bacon is leaner than regular bacon or sausage

3. Whole wheat English Muffin contains fiber and less carbs than a regular English Muffin

4. Study results by the Scripps Clinic in San Diego says grapefruit juice contributes to lowered insulin levels and helps with weight loss.

Don’t leave breakfast on the table.  Eat well and incorporate the best muscle building foods to get the most benefits.

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